Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fixing The Problem with the Ragnarok Online 2 UI Resetting

There is a bug on the opened beta of Ragnarok Online 2 that every time you log-out your settings for the game get reset. This problem started occurring in the most recent patch before settings saved properly so within one of the newer patches they broke the game. Apparently what they did was changed the location of where the game saves your user settings. And because of the lack of a correct folder the game won't even save a new client settings because it does not have the rights to make a folder unlike Ragnarok Online the original which would automatically create a file and folder if none existed.

Fixing the error is pretty simple first you need to go to C:\PlayPark\RO2 then look for the User folder if one doesn't exist make one. In the User folder make another folder with the server name for example mine is Jormungand-SG so I use that. Then click inside of that folder and make a file called MY.CHARACTERNAME.USER replace character name with your characters name case sensitive. The next time you log-in to game and edit the UI it should save when you log-out. 

This will relieve the stress of the spam filled chat and make it so your settings will finally stay. I hope you found this to be useful and informative and I hope you have a happy open beta testing. 

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