Monday, January 14, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 Open Beta Test

So the server is finally up for Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second and everyone has been rushing to play the game. I myself and some friends have decided to also play it. At first I was unsure about whether or not I was going to like the game. The style of RO2 is different from RO1 they took a different approach at the graphics. They remind me more of a live anime game.

When  I finally was able to login to the game I was pretty impressed the style of art is pretty well done and the client and interface is a real nice refresher compared to the older interface. Some of the key things you notice right away is being able to re-size the chat window and having a world map that actually shows the location of where you are on the map as well as being able to have it show as an overlay so you can see where your going.

The next thing I noticed which I really find interesting is the Khara system which is an achievement window. It grants you various titles by completing different tasks. Some tasks in the Khara window give crafting experience, money and experience, titles, and more Khara points to farther the ability to unlock more new things. As you level up more titles and things you'll be able to obtain will apear some of them cost Khara challenge points. The titles give bonus stat points which was made as a balancing requiring you to progress achievement's in order to get better stat bonus's. I like that about it unlike most games for achievements they give you a reason to want to complete them other then just having a title over your head.

The return of the vending system at level 10 is also nice being able to set up shop where ever you want can be a valuable tool. So far I do not see a way to vend while your offline that is usually seen from Ragnarok Online private servers. But there is an auction house which allows you to sell items unfortunately the search feature on the auction is pretty basic and requires a lot of fighting with it to find things your looking for hopefully in the future they will improve it. There are taxes to using the auction house in RO2 as well.

Traveling is pretty awesome in the game as well with the kafra system that has a transport which you can fly with a kafra member on a broomstick from one location to another. At level 10 you can pick up a mount for 10 gold from Prontera which helps your running speed and makes it less tedious running around everywhere.

One of the biggest things you'll notice right away is how opened world the game feels. You still have the portals from one area to the next but the way the game was designed you cover a wide area before finding yourself going into a portal. Some area's have a change from day to night when you enter that part of the map which gives it a unique feel. And the terrian and the models are beautiful. I was quite impressed with Prontera and how good it looked.

Actually being able to jump in Ragnarok Online 2 is pretty interesting as well since we really did not see that in RO1 other then teakwon class and soul linker. So I manage to forget I can actually jump often but I'm sure the longer I play the more i'll get used to it.

The guild system is also back along with our favorite emblems my friend managed to make a guild and said that the guild skills have returned along with guild ranks. They added some new guild skill perks that also reduce the cost of repairing items but the war of emperium has not made it's way into Ragnarok Online 2 yet. I would imagine they should also allow us to make guild allies in the future hopefully as well.

With the new skill system it provides Ragnarok Online 2 with a really nice system which is some what similar to the old World of Warcraft system minus the annoying part of not being able to customize your build. In Ragnarok Online 2 you'll find with the talents you'll always have more skills then you will points which pretty much makes you decide which skills to pick which to level up completely if at all. Some skills are also buff skills which work towards your full party as well as ones which are passive or on the use of another skill.

The dungeons provide a really enjoyable experience and fighting the golden thief bug was a lot of fun. The dungeon matching system and party finder is really useful in Ragnarok Online 2 and I also hear that there's also raids at higher levels. You can also find world bosses outside of dungeons which need a group to kill. I've done two of them so far and they where pretty interesting although I got killed a few times in the process.

The only negatives I see about Ragnarok Online 2 so far is that its being hosted in china and it gets laggy when all of the people from Singapore and the Philippines wake up to start playing. The other thing is that you cannot reset your skills or stats without buying items from the item mall so if you join make sure that you use the application to check skills out which they released on the website. You will not be changing skills or stats after you choose a skill. It also frightens me that they will end up being free to play because I dread the possibility the game could be pay to win in the future even if they claim they will not be doing a pay to win game.

But overall I'm pretty sure that when you try Ragnarok Online 2 you'll really enjoy the story the quests and everything that Ragnarok Online 2 has to offer you. I will be posting some various guides in the future for some of the quests as well as some guides to the interface for people that are interested in playing or for people that are in game and feel like they are lost in Ragnarok Online 2. Unfortunately I do not think there will be a Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the second emulator for the game because it does use game-guard and unless someone really skilled plans on spending a lot of time building one I think this one will be official only.

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